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Covid-19 and curl care...

So many of us are being affected by Covid-19 in ways that most of us may not have thought about. One of the concerns you may have is what in the world are you going to do about your hair?!?!

I've spent so much time and energy taking your curls out of your hands that I probably haven't truly prepared you for a moment like this. Who would have thought that anything of this nature would be take place. I never imagined a day when everything would be shut down. It was my intention to always be there to spoil and pamper your curls.

I can't be in the salon physically, to spoil and care for your curls but I can most definitely arm you with the right information and steps necessary to protect the growth and health of your curls in this short time of closing. Here a 3 very important things to consider when protecting your curls.

So let's chat for a few moments about what is most important to keep your curls healthy.

1. Keep your curls moisturized!!! You know that's a golden rule in HC Natural Hair. Moisturized curls are happy curls. Moisturizing your curls is going to take place through conditioning and sealing in moisture with oils. I don't want to get too technical but I've found that explaining to naturalistas what is actually happening when we attempt to moisturize goes a very long way in helping you moisturize properly. Moisturizing curls is all about treating the cuticle layer lovingly.

Understanding what the cuticle layer is and how it behaves is the secret to moisturizing properly. The cuticle layer is the hair’s first line of defense against dryness.  The cuticle layer protects and provides strength for the hair.  This is the layer that determines how well your hair holds a style, how it feels, and how well it absorbs moisture.

The nature of the cuticle layer for curly hair is to stay open. This creates an open gateway for moisture to enter and leave constantly, hence the complaint of dryness.  A cuticle layer that is healthy enough to open to receive moisture and then close to trap moisture within the hair shaft is the goal. There are a few things we can do to keep a healthy cuticle layer. You can find out more information on how to keep a healthy cuticle layer here and in the next couple of days we will chat more about how to moisturize.

2. Keep your hands out of your hair! I saw you roll your eyes at me. If you've talked to me for even a few minutes about how to grow hair, you'll hear me scream 'KEEP YOUR HANDS OUT OF YOUR HAIR!" Most of the time, we don't have a growth issue, we have a retention of growth issue. Why? I'm gonna say its because we love our curls so much that we can't keep our hands out of them. I get it! They're soft. They're springy. They're versatile and unique to each one of us. I completely understand why it's hard to resist handling them and creating 6 different styles in only 3 hours...especially now that many of us are home and actually have time to play in our hair. But hear me when I say this, curls are fragile.

When you are handling your curls, handle them with loving care. Keep a clean scalp. Shampoo every 3-4 weeks. Use a moisturizing shampoo, use a moisture conditioner, use a leave in conditioner with tons of slip. Detangle with your fingers while allowing the conditioner to penetrate the hair shaft. Use a wide tooth comb when detangling with leave in conditioner. Detangle in sections. Do not allow yourself to become overwhelmed by attacking your hair all at once. Be patient. Handling curls with care is a slow loving process.

Curls do not appreciate being handled roughly or constantly, especially when they're dry. Be mindful that when your curls are loose, they're rubbing against your clothing, the chairs and sofa as you're binge watching Netflix, in the car...and the list goes on. Exposed curls are fragile curls. So what is the answer?

3. Find easy protective styles that you leave in your hair for several days, preferably weeks. So what does that mean? It doesn't mean that you can't ever enjoy a wash n' go, or blow out, or afro puff. It does mean that if you'd like your hair to be it's healthiest, you can't do any of these styles majority of the time. Find some two strand twist, cornrow, twist outs, updos, and pin ups that you love. If you have tons of hair, as many of you do, the thought of doing any of this on your own can seem overwhelming. Relax. I will be available for virtual consultations to walk you through these times. Now is also a great time to spend a few lazy days watching youtube videos that show you how to style your curls. Lean towards simple and easy styles. Be mindful of your skill level when choosing styles. Chunky two strand twist pin up styles are cute and easy styles that will allow you to keep your hands out of your curls for a few days at a time. Two strand twist styles are wonderful for most natural wearers. Did you love the styles the beautiful sisters were rocking in "Self-Made?" Search out roll and tuck styles or soft pin up styles.

Look, I feel very confident that you can do this and we can figure this out together. Got questions? Feel free to comment here.

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