The Spoiled Rotten Pampered Client Experience

At HC Natural Hair, your salon visit is not like any other salon visit you've experienced.  We offer a unique experience, tailored to you. We desire to create a space in this world for sisters to feel beautiful, supported, & unique.  We strive to serve the WHOLE sister, not just her hair. 

I often get asked to provide a one on one, customized experience for my natural hair clients.  Every woman wants to feel like a supermodel everyday.  I don’t typically offer the white glove, one on one salon experience except to brides, but lately I’ve been feeling like I could use a few more spoiled rotten favorite clients.  There is nothing I enjoy more than creating with natural hair and spoiling the clients who allow me to create with their hair.

HC Natural Hair is a Membership Salon. In order to better provide the best individualized care and attention for my clients,  I created the HC Package Membership.

What is the HC Package Membership?

HC Package Client Membership is a 12 month all inclusive natural hair care package.  Yep, all inclusive.  It’s EVERYTHING you need to have healthy, beautiful, manageable natural hair all of the time. Package clients  receive preferential booking.  We share in 2 Pampered Snack and Chat Natural hair information events as well as access to our sisterhood community events.  Quarterly, Detailed hair and scalp analysis. You receive the products you need for at home care and….A full face makeover and sexy supermodel photo shoot with Tanisha Walker…  Wine, water, tea, and so many other little EXTRAS!

How does it work?

You will choose the package that best meets your natural hair care needs.  Once you become a HC Salon Member, we will schedule your initial appointment. During your initial appointment, the extensive hair and scalp analysis will be done.  We will discuss your hair goals and in the following week, I will compose a plan of care. I will create a customized at home product box.  Everything is customized for your specific hair needs.  Being a HC Salon Member takes the stress and guess work out of your hair care.  You’ll purchase the package and relax. 

I’ve offered a salon membership before but nothing this good and juicy.

My clients know I take pride in providing a relaxed, happy salon environment.  I am grateful for each of my clients and passionate about the hair art I create. My passion and gratefulness require me to treat each person that sits in my chair with appreciation and respect for their time, but I want to take it a step further.  I want to make you feel like the Queen you are.  I want to cater to your hair care whims and needs.  I plan to feed the EXTRANESS in you. 

You don’t have to trust my word only though.  This is what my clients say about me…

“I love Sundi’s creativity.  She creates styles that are perfect for my hair type and life.  I always feel like she’s paying attention and making sure I leave happy.”

“My hair is the healthiest it’s ever been. Sundi takes amazing care of my hair and I love the talks.  I always learn something new.”

“For years, I’ve tried to figure out how to moisturize my hair so that I could retain length.  When I turned my hair over to Sundi, I just let her do what she felt my hair needed.  My hair is now longer than the goal of bra strap length and moisture is no longer a problem. She taught me how to listen to what my hair really needs.”

“Sundi makes me feel like my EXTRA behavior is normal. I always leave feeling like I’m her favorite customer.  She goes the extra mile to treat me special.”

So let’s talk about all of the details.

  Once they’re sold out, I won’t offer this kind of spoiled rotten deal anytime soon.

Pay in one payment, 8, or 6. Once you pay, we will take care of everything else.  All of your hair care needs for the next 12 months are included.  The HC Salon team will contact you and begin pampering today. 

Sound like something you deserve? 



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