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Don't you deserve to be spoiled?

Spoiled Rotten Pampered Client Packages

“Sundi, you have displayed unprofessionalism to the FULLEST!”

This is the text message I received from a former client. I’ll admit, reading these words shook me to my core because professionalism and customer service are 2 things I keep in the front of my mind. 

Serving, spoiling, and respecting the many sisters who trust us to love and care for their curls is a privilege I don’t take lightly. So when I read this, I had to take a moment and look at the situation. 

At HC Natural Hair, we love what we do. We eat, sleep, breathe, and pretty much devour all things kinky curly hair related...and we love to throw in a good dose of “Sister, how can we help you live your best life?” 

We would love to be able to dote over every customer, immediately responding to every single text, sifting through the numerous pics and questions about hair types, answering every phone call on the first ring, booking you for the perfect time slot you want every time. But the truth is...we can not do that. 

It’s impossible for us to spoil every client in that way. So in the real world, we don’t answer the phone when we are servicing other sisters, because she is the sister who has paid for our time at the moment, we ask you to allow 48 business hours for text responses because over the course of a day we can easily receive 30-40 text messages in regards to kinky curly girl stuff, & finding that perfect appointment spot is sometimes truly magical. It requires nothing short of prayer and God himself moving stuff around on the schedule. 

Well, that’s the reality for most salon clients. Our 25 Spoiled Rotten Pampered clients, get something a little different. Our spoiled Rotten Pampered clients receive a separate phone number for booking appointments. We absorb all of the stress of booking an appointment. Spoiled Rotten Pampered clients receive preferential booking. 

So what is this experience truly like? 

  • You book your appointment with waiting for text responses, no need to search online, and if we haven’t seen you in a couple of weeks, we are going to reach out to you. 

  • You arrive for your appointment, we are smiling and eager to get started on you. “May I take your coat and purse? Would you like a cup of warm tea, glass of wine, or bottle of water?”

  • “Are you in the mood to listen to a little Gregory Porter or maybe you’re feeling Ella Mai today?”

  • “How did your last style work for you?  How is your scalp feeling?  How can we make your style and experience unbelievable?”

  • Lay back and enjoy a relaxing scalp massage with your shampoo service. If you don’t already know, Keara’s hands are blessed in the art of scalp bliss. 

  • Allow us to cater to your every kinky curly girl whim and need. 

  • Don’t think about what your hair needs or wants. We will make sure that your curls get absolutely everything they need, every time. 

  • There is no thought of the cost because all of your hair care needs are covered in your package cost. 

  • Just show up, relax, be pampered, and walk out feeling refreshed and ready to spill happiness into the rest of your day. 

  • Join us for our fun and informative snack and chat events.  Network with other sisters. 

  • Support the other sisters in business and life.  Watch as we build one another up, pushing each other to learn to relax, de-stress, slow down, and take time out for ourselves.  Community and sisterhood are so important in our culture.  It’s time that we as sisters simply support and encourage one another without competition or harsh judgement of ourselves based on the success of another woman.

This is what every salon experience should be like. You work hard. You wear that SuperWoman cape everyday, thinking of others, ripping, running, always doing the most for the most people in your life. 

Allow your time in the salon with us to be a time when we do the most for you and your curls. Not only will your curls flourish, grow, and shine with happiness because they are getting everything they need to be healthy but you, my sister will be thankful for the time to slow down and feed your spirit and heart some of the things you need to be healthy and happy. 

We still have 3 Spoiled Rotten Pampered Client Packages available that can be completely customized for your kinky curly girl needs. 

We have 1 ELITE all inclusive, Package available for the sister who knows she’s deserves EVERYTHING. 

Have more questions about the packages and how they work?  Feel free to contact us at 919-373-5995 or email a request to customize a package for you.

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